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The Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center has now been officially launched, and this planning web site used in the initial preparations has now been replaced by the official CAC@TTU site! Please visit us there!


Our mission is to provide a practical and collaborative work arena for development and coordination of standards that are specifically applicable to cloud and other forms of advanced distributed computing. Areas of interest include cloud-specific algorithms, implementations and standards, distributed and autonomic computing applications and paradigms collectively referred as topics hereafter.


Our primary goal is to identify and foster industry-academia-government partnerships on topics directly related to emerging cloud standards. The secondary goal is to identify and develop coordinated efforts to organize, classify, and develop reference implementations that showcase the benefits of cloud computing in the chosen topics. Our tertiary goal is to create a trained workforce through opportunities who can relate their domain expertise and advanced distributed and autonomic computing, and capable of sustaining the activities and opportunities created through this joint effort.

Upcoming Events


  • Prototyping Reference Implementations using Current and Emerging Cloud Standards.

  • Prototyping API's that demonstrate Federation, Automation, and Interoperability.

  • Cloud-specific Algorithms and Frameworks.

  • Big Data paradigms for Distribted and Autonomic Computing.

  • Develop "Make-it" to "Market" Strategies for Cloud Applications.

Industry Advisory Board

  • The Center is governed through an Industry Advisory Board, which selects research topics and sets priorities. Please refer to the NSF recommended Industry Membership Agreement

  • Acknowledgment

    The Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing at Texas Tech University (CAC@TTU) is a new site currently supported through the National Science Foundation. For award information, please visit here. If you have difficulty accessing the site, please let us know and we will email you the award summary.

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